River Cuckmere Arlington.

Sussex Piscatorial Society’s Coarse Section has a superb section of the River Cuckmere that is open to Trout Section members to fish for sea trout. A stretch of around 750 yards along the east side of Arlington Reservoir, both banks the boundary being the timber fence just above the metal footbridge. Padlock code, see below. We also share the left-hand bank downstream of the Blue Bridge with Berwick A.S. Boundary, one field below the viaduct. Ensure you always have your membership card in your possession.

OS MAP: TQ555091/TQ537068


OPEN: 16th June to 14th March. Access from one hour before sunrise to 12 midnight. No fishing Michelham. Venues no longer society waters.


MICHELHAM: River section below the Priory at Primrose Farm is no longer a Society venue.

ARLINGTON: Take the north exit off the A27 Drusillas roundabout towards Upper Dicker and after ¾ mile turn right at the crossroads. Follow the road for 0.8 miles and then park on the bridge on the upstream side by the railings. Fishing is upstream from this point on both sides with the limits being the footbridge on the left bank and the fence a little further on on the right. Fishing from the walkway over the weir is strictly prohibited. Beware of concrete banks on top side of weir as they can become slippery.

BERWICK SECTION. Padlock code 2017.

Berwick AC, now insist on a minimum sized landing net of 32inches for all fish species. In addition an unhooking mat and fish care antiseptic. On crossing the first stream into the field by the pond you are entering a SSSi section of rough ground. There is strictly no fishing in this river area (or pond) until entering the field beyond.

SIGNING IN BOXES: At Arlington the box is on the fence on the right hand bank just above the weir. Combination lock code on gate is 7944. Do not reveal this code to anyone. Water keeper. Arlington section only. Neil Ryan. 07719557425. Call only between 8am and 8pm.

HEMPSTEAD POND, open all year……. plus R.CUCKMERE. This section of the river and the pond can only be accessed safely via the northbound carriageway of the A22 from Polegate. The Hempstead Lane exit is between the Diplocks industrial estate roundabout and the Boship roundabout. There is very little warning of this entry to Hempstead Lane. Entrance to the pond and river is through a double metal gate on the right hand side of Hempstead Lane. SAT NAV. BN27 3PR. Almost opposite TILE HURST FARM. Parking on the right by the two tall trees  a few yards inside this gate. Sign in box is here. Part hard standing here for a vehicle or two. Always leave access for farm vehicles. Do not park on the left as this can be extremely soft ground. Proceed along the footpath through the first gate and upon reaching the second gate on the right which is parallel to the hedge-line. Exit through this gate and proceed diagonally across the field towards the ten tall trees and power cables that span the field. The pond of around one third of an acre is here……….. To access the river. Upon reaching the pond follow the hedge line southwards, through two gates, past the next small pond and into the third field. Turn right and the lower limit river is at the bottom of this field. Upper limit is where the river runs under the A22. There maybe other access points to the river upstream but as yet we are unaware of these.


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